Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prospective Student

**Warning: This post may upset the artistic minded. I'm feeling argumentative.**

I just stumbled upon a website that listed the Top 5 Green Colleges.

Check out this little place called College of the Atlantic. It only has one major: human interaction with the environment. It's on a tiny island off the coast of Maine.

This is one of the residence halls.

The research center.

Pottery studio.

The faculty building. Whoa.

I was totally digging this campus till I saw the description on this building...

"Faculty Chalets, tucked away in the woods, are great for private, one on one meetings with faculty members."
Ummm. Sketchy...

Green is important to me- but not really for the reason you'd expect. I want to go to a place that humbles the human race- that respects the world, not for what it can do for us but for it's intrinsic value. I don't want to go to a pompous university that prizes a student for being brilliant because s/he wrote a symphony, designed a new cool looking building, or was awarded the genius award for being the foremost Proust scholar in the states. If you'll excuse my language- but that type of ego stroking is masturbation. I'm all for the arts as a hobby and finding beauty in the unlikely. But as a career- it's stupid. Why teach the geniuses how to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic? The world needs to be saved, not artificially beautified. You can put lipstick on a cancer patient but it's not gonna save their life.

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    So there.