Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seagulls and Fungi

As I sit here munching on some tampenade from farmer's market (YUM-O!), I shall share my weekend with you. Because it has been awesome. Jessi, Ida, and the fog hung out with me on Saturday in Morro Bay and we went to the Farmer's Market which I'm a bigger fan of than SLO's). I discovered some nice things there.

This is the plant I bought. I don't know what kind of plant it is so I am forced to name it Long Duck Dong. Please don't ask me how one relates to the other.

This is my little blue honey pot that was made by a very nice lady who lives in Morro Bay. It is little. And blue. And my honey pot. I have named him Winnie. For obvious reasons.

Jessi came to visit this weekend!! So I decided to express my appreciation by taking a flattering picture of her and putting it on the internet.
Whoops. That didn't work very well.

We had some good food.

And then Ida wanted to play hide-n-seek.

Today is a little different- full of cooking and listening to my babe pretend to be a sport's announcer. "Interception!! He's got the ball! But is he going to make it!? HE DOES!! PACKERS WIN!!!" Or something to that extent.

But don't worry- I slipped some sedatives into his stuffed mushrooms.

And he calmed down...

Thank god for those animal tranquilizers.*

*This blog has been brought to you by the San Francisco Zoo.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Before I begin- I must share what I am eating right now.

Shredded beef, sharp cheddar, and spinach on toasted multi-grain bun. Mmmm.

Ok moving on. I'm also drinking tea out of my favorite mug.

This mug is the only thing left from a tumultuous time in my life. I love it and hate it at the same time.

Since I moved to a new apartment, I thought I'd take you on a tour around my new place. Or at least show you some of my favorite spots.

This is my shelf with my rocks and minerals on it. And Brie. And an overflow from my babe's shelf which is a wooden statue from Micronesia. That yellow mineral/element is a brand new piece of Sulfur from the Renaissance Faire!! And only Jessi will be excited with me about this and that's fine.

This next location is my love's shelf. Double stacked fantasy books and a dragon incense burner (again from the Ren Faire). I love this shelf because it is his and it is magical. And I also love the fact that the only two incense types he has is Pine Tree and Leather. Now those are some manly smells. :)

This is possibly my favorite location. On my stove. One of these things is not like the others though. It was not made in England and it was not found in an adorable antique store called The Nest. It was made in China and was found at Ross. But I won't tell you which one. I don't want you guys picking favorites.

I've been cooking a lot lately- from necessity and desire. But I like making sweets the best. And the Banana- Honey Ice Cream recipe I found has filled an empty hole in my life. It is sooooo rich. It tastes like frozen Banana Cream Pie.
Horrible picture, but you get the gist.

I won't bother giving out the recipe because I know I'm the only freaky weirdo who 1) Has an Ice-Cream maker or 2) Doesn't store it in the storage unit/garage/basement/attic/neighbor's house.

I WILL tell you, however, that the ice-cream recipe comes from this book...

...which tells you how to make everything from natural face masks to oven cleaner to Banana-Honey Ice Cream. It is amazing. And I often kiss it. Not really.

Now, I would like to play a game with you. Imagine that you had this conversation with your boyfriend over the phone...

You. Will you do me a favor?
Him. What's that?
You. Buy me some flowers?
Him. Hahaha. Really?
You. Please?
Him. Sure. Why?
You. Cause it would be sweet of you. Because I could pretend you surprised me with them. Because my current flowers are dying. Because they're pretty. And because I feel like I need new flowers in my life today.

Did you imagine it? I don't need to imagine it because it happened to me about two days ago. We have a very honest relationship. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Anyways. Now imagine your boyfriend is slightly peculiar and, although you love him for it, sometimes you forget and it surprises you. If you imagine that then you won't have any problems accepting that this is what he brought home when you asked for flowers...

A Chilly Chilli Ornamental Pepper Plant.

It's fun. It's colorful. It's living in a pot so it won't die anytime soon (hopefully). It's pretty cool.

It's just not what you expected. Oh but wait. Your boyfriend is odd but he is also an overachiever. So you look around and here's what you see...

A dozen long-stemmed roses. :)

"The boy obliged and the tree was happy."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Freckles and Coal.

1) I'm deciding if I need these.

Normally they wouldn't really be my style but my kitchen has cupboards about that brown color (*gag* pressed wood sucks) and I can't do anything about it. Yay for apartments. Anyways! Maybe these removable dots (strategically and sparsely placed) could make it a little more interesting. And homey. And less like paneled wall from a stuck-in-the-70s-Gramma house. I'm undecided. HELP!

2) I want these computers so bad! I want to look into maybe revamping the one I currently have to make it look like similar. Omgsh they're beautiful.

Please ignore the clarinet. Also, please don't try to prove that I played the clarinet for 6 months of my life. I will only deny it.

Scrabble pieces!!


3) Your attention please! Everyone who has a gutter, listen up! Buy one of these. It's a watering can hooked up to your gutter. Why water your plants with tap water when you could recycle rainwater? I would buy this if I could but I can't, because I'm a renter and therefore cursed.

4) Speaking of computers... oh wait, that was number 2. Speaking of gutters... check out this computer concept! You can offset the carbon footprint of your computer by signing up for a product called Little Green Genie . It calculates your computer usage by buying carbon credits from renewable energy sources. It only costs about $10 a year!

Or you can buy this future concept computer which has a plant that more than offsets your computer's carbon footprint. Groovy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am the biggest dork/nerd/dweeb if this is the celebrity I am crushing on. A cryptozoologist from the SciFi Channel (except they changed their name to SyFy- LAME) show Destination Truth.

Josh Gates.

Friday, September 11, 2009


(thanks for reminding me Brie)


...that I will learn to block out the sound of the freeway.
...that one day I will have a steady job.
...that my spaghetti tonight will be delicious.


...for crockpots.
...having internet again. wonderfully sexy and frustrating roommate. Who has yet to lose his childish enthusiasm.
...for Chai tea in a clear mug.

Inspired my own computer patience. Ishmael. Again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The last supper.

Today, I packed. And so did Jessi.

My whole life. And hers. In separate boxes.

But her boxes didn't say "Protective Underwear" like mine did.

We went to Buona Tavola for dinner.

She got Mozzarella and Heirloom Tomato Salad.
I don't remember the Italian name for it.

I got seafood risotto.

We shared a La Creme for dessert.

And savored every bite.

We didn't want to leave so we ordered coffee.
With massive amounts of cream and sugar.
Cause we're not edgy at all.

And we took goofy pictures.
Cause of the lack of edginess.

And artistic pictures.

Just so we didn't have to leave.

But she did leave and I was sad.

Bye Jessi. I'll miss you like crazy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not just another day.

Today is Jessi's last day of work. (Boo. Hiss.) We finagled our way were blessed to share a cubicle for the majority of my working here. How awesome is that? I got to share a department at school and a cubicle at work with my best friend. But now she is leaving. I will now give the floor to my fellow curly-haired employee to explain her feelings about the situation...

Thank you Jessi, your words are an inspiration.

We were also cursed blessed to share a (very small) cubicle with this spitfire of a lady:

(Don't tell her- but she's one of my favorite people. She's spunky!)

And now here are some pictures from Jessi's goodbye "luncheon." Why do they call it a luncheon? Why not just a "lunch"? Where did this word come from? What does it want from us?

That's Julia and Michelle. Michelle reminds me of my sister and
I'm not entirely sure why. It's probably the hair...

Some of the guys at work. The middle one is Jeremy- he's also one
of my favorites. But don't tell ANYONE cause he's a boy and that's not allowed.
(some people are so silly....)

This is Ryan. He didn't go to Jessi's "luncheon." Bad Ryan.

I think when I leave my job, to avoid the speeches and the tears and the "luncheons," I'm gonna send them an anonymous tip saying that I have been eaten by Fluffy the shark and to please send my belongings and monetary donations to my grieving parents. Make checks payable to "Hates Goodbyes."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mr. Grumpledump's Song

Everything's wrong,
Days are too long,
Sunshine's too hot,
Wind is too strong.
Clouds are too fluffy,
Grass is too green,
Ground is too dusty,
Sheets are too clean.
Stars are too twinkly,
Moon is too high,
Water's too drippy,
Sand is too dry.
Rocks are too heavy,
Feathers too light,
Kids are too noisy,
Shoes are too tight.
Folks are too happy,
Singin' their songs.
Why can't they see it?
Everything's wrong!

I'm pretty sure I have posted this on every blog I have ever blogged. And I'm pretty sure I feel this way every couple weeks- no matter what is going on in my life. This could be me in a couple weeks: "Oh ya, I just won the lottery and I'm gonna go on a trip around the world. But my toenail polish is chipping!! Gah! Everything's wrong. "

But today- everything IS wrong. I won't bore you with the details. It could be that my head isn't screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that my shoes are too tight. My, am I Grinchy today or what?

In other news- check out my photo, recently edited by ShakeItPhoto from iPhone. (Thanks Ally for that 99 cent recommendation). It makes me look almost happy to be wearing that silly-looking hat.

And in OTHER LOCAL news. Check out the 13 foot shark from Cambria. I want to be his friend. I shall call him Fluffy.

(In case you can't tell. That's his dorsel fin and the
bump to the right is his tail fin. BIG BOY!)

I have eaten 3 brownies and 2 pieces of German Chocolate Cake since starting this entry. I feel MUCH better. :)