Thursday, December 31, 2009

Please observe...

This is my new favorite shirt. It's fresh and clean and I love it. This is the look that I am into right now. Perhaps I am getting older and more mature. Perhaps I wish to change the way the world perceives me. Or perhaps I just don't want to look like this:

P.S. Her song Tik Tok is very addicting though

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Word of advice. If you look at the laundry basket and want to kill yourself- you should have an extremely exaggerated (and pretty much fake) meltdown in front of your boyfriend. Collapse on the bed and sob uncontrollably. Make your legs turn to Jell-O and hang off his shoulders. And scream, "Don't make me do the laundry! PLEASE don't make me!!" And try to look sad even though both of you are laughing uncontrollably. Then your boyfriend will take pity on you and offer to split the laundry 50/50. Hallelujah! I'm so easy to please.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Quick Rant

My boyfriend has a tendency to use my bath products (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.). Because of this, I bought him soap made out of beer for Christmas. Also, I decided that I should stop buying my expensive stuff for curly hair, specifically my conditioner. I also decided that this habit of his is very annoying and I should somehow train him not to use my products. So I bought this...

...instead of this...

I figured, "It's cheap and it smells like strawberries. So I can buy this and Justin won't want to smell like strawberries so he'll go back to using his stuff and then when it runs out I'll go back to using the conditioner that actually makes my hair look good and he'll be trained not to use my stuff anymore!"

The result: my boyfriend smells like strawberries and my hair is frizzing into a fro.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today is filled with:

Starbucks Red Cups containing Peppermint White Mocha.
Toast with tampenade and a piece of Gruyere.
About 7 episodes of The Office.
Packing to go home.
Not cooking dinner.
Getting $60 off of a $97 oil change and wiper replacements.
Working on my last Christmas present.
And sharing this completed hat!!

For this hat I learned how to use DPNs, how to make a pom pom, and how to half double crochet!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today my good friend Ida took me to my favorite restaurant for lunch. Giuseppe's. And I got Gnocci Spinaci for an appetizer (which I ate too fast to take a picture of) and this Ravioli Porcini. I pretty much died and went to the Land of Carbs. It's a beautiful place of naps and sauces.

In other news, I am two presents shy of being done shopping/knitting/wrapping. And I am beyond excited to bring all the presents to my parent's house this weekend. There is something about that house that is more than a home. It's everything everyone else's home wants to be, but never could be. And they're all jealous. I realize that barely made sense.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My latest challenge

THAT, my dears, is a crochet needle. And I, my dears, have learned how to do a half double crochet edge stitch. And I am excited.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knitting around the world...

No- that picture is NOT of leftover Chinese food. It is in fact, of a defeated enemy. I have conquered the foe. He goes by the name of Mr. Pointed Needle. Double Pointed Needle. His accomplices refer to him as DPN. And I have beaten him into submission.

Tonight, I started a Christmas present for my beau's sister. The yarn I'm using was spun by the greatest in the world (the picture is not flattering). You can find her other creations here. This particular gift was going to be a wonderful hat with ear flaps such as these (except with a pom pom on top to hide my less than honorable beginnings):

Thorpe Pattern.

However, due to the unfortunate circumstances of tired eyes and cramping hands, I think I'm going to stop the hat where I'm at and make it into a yamaka in celebration of Hanukkah. :)

(just kidding)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Second Interview Today

I've got....

my peacoat.
my Chinese coin on a necklace from Chinatown.
my hair pulled back.
my contacts in- they are like forcefields for my eyes! Protecting me just in case they attempt hypnosis.
my resume- oh shoot, gotta print that out.
and my premature nervosa taken care of last night.

Interview starts at 9:15. Too bad it's not 1:37, because that is an excellent time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yarn and French Fries

Sorry for the long absence.

Every spare moment I have has been dedicated to knitting. I am a very slow knitter. Just as I am a very slow reader, runner, reactor, and calculator. The only things that I am actually really fast at are writing and test-taking. Just a little fun fact for you. Anyways, I would love to put pictures of all my knitting projects up on here but they're Christmas presents and therefore cannot be divulged. I hate that. I'm really bad about keeping secrets.

I have 5 projects done and have about 4 more to go. Scratch that- 5. Taylor just asked me to knit him socks. (Jessi- I'm going to knit you wristlets as a graduation present but they won't be done till after Christmas probably. But I got the yarn for them and you will LOVE the finished product. I hope.)

Other than that- things have been pretty boring. I am on a diet and have already lost 6 lbs since Thanksgiving. Hooray for me! Some people may ask, "Hey crazy person- why are you dieting during the holidays!?" To which I will reply either, "There's no time like the present" or "I'm a masochist." But the truth is that I was looking at my Life List (aka Bucket List) the other day, and "#52. Weigh my goal weight" was on there. Along with things such as the following:

#3. Visit all 50 states.
#34. Go see an Opera.
#37. Go on a boat ride through the deep South.
#57. Take a glass blowing class.

HOWEVER, I am broke and therefore cannot afford to do such life-changing events. So I'm making at least #52 happen right now. Because you gotta move forward. And you only live once.... probably.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When I diet...

I dream of food all night long. Mostly desserts. Caramel, brown sugar, cheesecake, fruit crisps. All night long. Funny thing is- when I dream of marshmallows, my pillow is gone in the morning! (Just kidding on the last part).

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