Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend at Bernie's (aka Jessi's)

A quaint little restaurant....

A trip to the movies....

The world's most delicious cupcakes....

A ride on some roller coasters....

A walk by the lake...

What a pretty place Jessi lives in. So peaceful, so serene...

And then there's this character:

I can't explain her.

Friday, November 20, 2009

On the road again...

Right now I am at my bestest-friend-in-the-world's house. It's in an adorable town near El Lay. I can't tell you where because apparently it's So Cal's best kept secret. Suffice it to say, there are hills and cacti and houses that actually have YARDS! *gasp**shock**thud* Very quaint and podunk.

It was a long drive but it is going to be worth it. We're going to bake cookies, drink wine, blog, walk dogs, watch bad television, see New Moon (don't judge us), and go to Ree Drummond's cookbook signing!! It's going to be fantastic. You can all be jealous that I have practically an identical twin that is going through the same situation as I am. She always knows how I feel. I miss having her around all the time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Thursday.

I just walked down to Cowboy Cookies to get Jessi a Maverick (or two). Except Cowboy Cookies moved down the street next to the gallery. "Oh dear. The gallery. I suppose I better check on that 600 dollar photograph that I have been lusting over for 2 years. Yup, still there." And then the gallery curator came over and asked if I needed help. "Oh no- I'm just a big fan of this photo. Catherine Archuleta is amazing." So we start talking and she introduces me to Dotty Hawthorne- a fantastic watercolor painter who owns part of the gallery and, of course, is on display. Very nice lady, beautiful paintings. She was painting all day in the Eucalyptus grove. So turns out that the curator also is a career counselor and she wants to help me find a job.

Oh and I also met the guy who puts on the football office pool, so I entered.

Crazy world we live in. It's amazing the people you meet when you smile.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This makes me remember the good ol' depressing days in Dr. Preston's class. I haven't seen it yet, and I honestly don't know if I will. There's only so much I can do for the environment and when I can't do more I start reevaluating my life. And there's only so much reevaluating you can do before you start doubting everything.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guess what this picture is.....

We're gonna ignore the fact that I took this photo on my phone and that the light was really bad and that I, frankly, suck at taking pictures. We're just gonna call this photo "art".

We're also gonna call it the recipe of the day!!

Cashew Butternut Squash Raviolis

What you need:
...Pre-made Butternut Squash Raviolis (maybe I'll make them from scratch one day- but not today)
...Olive Oil
...Parmesan cheese (or Gruyere- that would've been good but Jessi and I ate all of my Apple Smoked Gruyere the last time she was in town.)

What you do:
Make the ravs. Remove from water- stick a bit of butter in with them and let it melt. Add some olive oil cause it's delicious and better for you than more butter. Add cheese and just a shake of nutmeg (it's a very strong spice- careful). Toast some crushed cashews and pour on top. Nom nom it up.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick recap

My apologies for the neglect, things have been crazy. Drea came to visit!

(This photo was not taken this week- it was taken long ago. Back when my hair was au natural.)

My beau went skydiving.

(Better pictures to come from my disposable camera.)

I had my interview on Friday.

And now what I feel I really need is a good session at Red Hot Pottery where I paint a "Our First Christmas Tree" ornament. Because it's not our first Christmas together, nor our first Christmas married, but it is our first Christmas living together and sharing a tree. Thus: Our First Christmas Tree.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Things I love about San Luis Obispo can hear jazz music from the Italian restaurant on the corner as you walk down the street.
...there's a candy shop that plays Willy Wonka on loop all day, every day.
...there's a medley of college students, oldtimers, middle agers, and toddlers sharing space during Farmer's Market. has amazing shopping, movie theaters, and restaurants.
...Avila Valley Barn. They sell honey sticks. least one of the local beaches will have nice weather at any given time.'s a town that encourages personal growth and education. is involved in the green revolution.
...there's cows, horses, sheep, and pigs.
...the hills are green in March.
...Perfumo Canyon.
...good hiking.
...downtown at Christmas time.
...there's only one major freeway.
...the air always seems clean. will probably run into someone you know while walking downtown.
...the people are pretty.'re a short drive away from art galleries on the Embarcadero.
...everyone is always glowing.
...the clock tower chimes Frank Sinatra

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Tummy Beast


One afternoon I said to mummy,
“Who is this person in my tummy?
“Who must be small and very thin
“Or how could he have gotten in?”
My mother said from where she sat,
“It isn’t nice to talk like that.”
“It’s true!” I cried. “I swear it, mummy!
“There is a person in my tummy!
“He talks to me at night in bed,
“He’s always asking to be fed,
“Throughout the day, he screams at me,
“Demanding sugar buns for tea.
“He tells me it is not a sin
“To go and raid the biscuit tin.
“I know quite well it’s awfully wrong
“To guzzle food the whole day long,
“But really I can’t help it, mummy,
“Not with this person in my tummy.”
“You horrid child!” my mother cried.
“Admit it right away, you’ve lied!”
“You’re simply trying to produce
“A silly asinine excuse!
You are the greedy guzzling brat!
“And that is why you’re always fat!”
I tried once more, “Believe me, mummy,
“There is a person in my tummy.”
“I’ve had enough!” my mother said,
“You’d better go at once to bed!”
Just then, a nicely timed event
Delivered me from punishment.
Deep in my tummy something stirred,
And then an awful noise was heard,
A snorting grumbling grunting sound
That made my tummy jump around.
My darling mother nearly died,
“My goodness, what was that?” she cried.
At once the tummy voice came through,
It shouted, “Hey there! Listen you!
“I’m getting hungry! I want eats!
“I want lots of chocs and sweets!
“Get me half a pound of nuts!
“Look snappy or I’ll twist your guts!”
“That’s him!” I cried. “He’s in my tummy!
“So now do you believe me, mummy?”
But mummy answered nothing more,
For she had fainted on the floor.

The Tummy Beast” from Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl, published by Jonathan Cape Ltd & Penguin Books Ltd (UK) and Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc (USA) © 1983.

Source: Dirty Beasts (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2001)

Monday, November 9, 2009

My space, your space.

Today's Non-Etsy Find(s) of the Day:

That's the interview outfit I bought today! My interview is on Friday (yes, I'm terrified) and I have to look great. In a "I'm super professional and mature, but also inexperienced enough to take this entry-level job and to use the word 'super'" type of way. Hopefully I succeed.

I am eating fat-free, lactose-free chocolate pudding. Despite being deprived of everything delicious, it is still quite tasty. Probably because it is guilt-free, as well.

Today I also adopted a corner of my residence. I got so used to not sharing space with someone, I forgot what it was like. A one room apartment for two 22 year-old's with A LOT of stuff (apparently) is just not enough room. So I took advice from Francis Mayes, "The trick to overcoming buyer's remorse is to have a plan. Pick one room and make it yours. Go slowly through the house. Be polite, introduce yourself, so it can introduce itself to you." Ok, it doesn't totally apply but I tried to live up to the quote's expectations. I picked a corner (cause my apartment is too small to pick a whole room) and made it my own. It needs some work but here it is thus far...

I moved my computer from the living room and the evil Wal-Mart desk that cuts into my arms and put it in the bedroom. I'm planning on burning that desk in an epic bonfire. Now I can listen to music and play on the computer without hearing video game sound effects, "TOUCHDOWN!!!", or other manly noises (aka farting, burping, cussing, or snoring) from my manly boyfriend (whom I happen to love more than anything in the world). One day we'll have two bedrooms and he can have his mancave rather than adopting the whole living room. BUT! It's ok- cause like he says, I have a womancave now. I am woman- hear me roar.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

The many faces of...

Today's Etsy Find of the Day:

Oh what a mood I'm in today. My poor boyfriend doesn't know what to do with me. He's treading softly and giving me lots of kisses. I think it's a combination of not spending enough time with my family when I saw them and driving too much. Baloo (my bf) said it best when he asked me if I was happy to be home. I said, "Yes, I just wish our home was somewhere else."

But that is besides the point- this month is about making things happen. And although I cannot make big things happen at the drop of a hat- I can rearrange furniture, download music, knit something for those I love, or listen to Bing Crosby croon about the color of Christmas (white, obviously). I just need to remember that "peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." Sage advice from an inanimate object. (I think it was on a candle holder I once had.)

In other news! I didn't blog for the last 2 days...*forehead slap* I fail. Friday, I totally100% forgot. And yesterday I drove to San Jose, went to dinner, drove to Santa Cruz, went to a concert, then drove to Felton. And frankly- I think that's a fantastic excuse. It was good to hang out with my brother and his adorable girlfriend and to talk to my mama. I hardly got to see my sister (thanks for letting us crash, though!!) but I'll be back for Thanksgiving and we'll see each other then. Her house is like my regeneration station. More inspiration, kitty kisses, blogging, reading, knitting, and drinking tea in a weekend than anyone should be allowed to do.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that I am writing this on my laptop which is perched on my vanity because I despise my Wal-Mart desk which has corner edges that are like scalpels. And since Bryce (my laptop) is on my vanity, I am constantly staring at myself in the mirror behind my screen. Let's just say, I make some very concerning facial expressions when I am concentrating on something. Learn something new about yourself every day.

And with that- here is my "Um, I'm driving. I love you- but stop bugging me" facial expression.

El Fin.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Today's Non-Etsy Find of the Day: (sidenote- this was not the original posting, the other ring was similar but prettier. Their website crashed.)

Someone please buy that for me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your cooperation. This is a recording...

I am making a Christmas playlist!! Horray! Don't tell the Thanksgiving lovers though, they'll stone me to death. Now if we could just get some snow- my life would be complete. Ok, or some rain. I guess that works too.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If my heart was a house, you'd be home.

Today's Etsy Find of the Day

Before I begin my ranting and raving, I thought I would update you on my November goals since it's been a couple days.

Here are my November goals:
...Wake up at 6:00am every weekday (to ensure that I get all these things done)
........... I have since decided that this is a stupid goal. I don't work till 8:30 on MWF and not till 3:00pm on TR. So I am amending the goal to say 7:00-7:30.

...Start health-ifying my body
........... New diet is going well. No dairy and less sugar. Need to exercise more though. I just have this horrible hatred towards sweat and being out of breath and I'm having problems getting past that. :-P

...Rock my interview on the 13th
........... Everyday that passes I get more and more nervous.

...Learn to be patient with my love
........... Still working on this. I wish I didn't babysit two rambunctious boys twice a week, they're zapping all my patience.

...Kiss more
........... Work in progress.

...Knit more- gotta finish Christmas presents!
........... I finished one! I can't post a picture though- just in case.

...Jump start my thesis
........... I'm rolling around a very promising idea in my head. Meeting with my adviser today.

...Make more memories with my man
........... Dropkick Murphy's this weekend!

In other news! I got the greatest Christmas present for my sister-in-dating (bf's sister. Get it? Cause we're not married... if you don't get it then I can't explain it to you). Check this guy out:

Bahaha! He's a little coin purse! So cute/fugly. I love Christmas shopping.

Also, in other news. I cannot stop listening to the Owl City album. Great beat, great lyrics.
"If my heart was a house, you'd be home." It's sweet. We need more sweet in this world. Plus indie is my favorite genre in the fall/winter time. Then rock n' roll in the spring and country in the summer. It's the cycle of life and it is what it is. Just let it be.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today's Etsy Find of the Day:

Happy Birthday bro-ha

Today is my favorite, and only, brother's birthday.

He and I were great friends growing up. That's what happens when you're stuck in the woods for the majority of your childhood. Even though I left our grove for college and now we only see each other every 2 months or so, I would still be lost without my little brother. Just knowing that he is there to share music, make me laugh, go on a roadtrip with, or beat someone up, is enough for me. He's such an awesome little dude and I will always think of him as 12 years old (regardless of the fact that he now goes to college and has found a great girl for him).

Happy Birthday Gaber-roonie. I got your back. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

National Blog Posting Month

Today's Etsy Find of the Day:

I love rocks. So much.

I am contributing to National Blog Posting Month. Because this month I am WILLING things to happen. No, scratch that, I am MAKING things happen. Health, money, love, career. It's all happening.

However, sometimes you need help to make things happen. And I need help coming up with inspiration. There's not much going on in my life that is pretty and poetic. I'm working on improving that, but as of now I still feel like I'm in a beige box. Don't worry though- I'm slowly turning it electric orange. I'm using my spray paint and spicing up my life.

Here are my November goals:
...Wake up at 6:00am every weekday (to ensure that I get all these things done)
...Start health-ifying my body
...Rock my interview on the 13th
...Learn to be patient with my love
...Kiss more
...Knit more- gotta finish Christmas presents!
...Jump start my thesis
...Make more memories with my man

Here's to the beginning of a new and better month. Here's to us.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The First of November.

Yesterday was Halloween. It was a fun night. We went to a bar that only serves beer and food. As in, we actually SAT. At a TABLE! I'm sure it was a total 180 from everyone else out and about downtown. See- we have this thing against lines to get into bars. And then lines to get on the dance floor. And then lines to get a drink. It's not like we're at Disneyland, people. Anyways, these are my people as of late:

I am definitely one of the guys. Sometimes it's great- sometimes not. They're all good boys with hearts of gold. And I happen to be madly in love with the one dressed as a Scot (don't tell him that though- he's got a big head already). But they ARE boys. Thus they don't really want to talk about cooking/yarn/menstruating/babies/blogging/knitting/cakes.


This is how I cope:

Whole Wheat Pumpkin-Banana Bread.

Happy Halloween!!