Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jessi and Jackie

I was supposed to be spending quality time with my boyfriend right now (according to the obscure schedule in my head) but he's playing Call of Duty- and frankly, I've met my quota on hearing gunshots for the day. So I shall sit here and eat my brie cheese on a cracker while I fantasize about a life that doesn't so closely resemble Hell. Just kidding- name that movie!

Jessi is coming to visit this weekend!! Horray!! We will make cakes, drink wine, watch Dexter (because her boyfriend doesn't let her- she has nightmares), eat massive amounts of clam chowder, go to Avila Valley Barn, drink in the green hills of the central coast, go esplorin', visit/bug our crazy friend Ida, annoy my honey-pookie-pie, she'll try to catch a seagull (I'll tell her they have diseases and she shouldn't feed them), and we'll be all around merry! Like Dean and Jerry. Mario and Luigi. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Calvin and Hobbes. I'm Hobbes- obviously.

Yup. Like peas and carrots.

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  1. You are also Luigi, but only because you are taller. Heeeeee.