Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A lesson in marriage

Me. You know the key to a successful marriage is compromise.
Him. We're pretty good at that.
Me. No we don't compromise- we barter.
Him. They're the same thing.
Me. No they're not.
Him. Ok give me an example.
Me. Well ok let me think..... all right. Say I want to spend all day at the fair and you do not. A COMPROMISE would be if I say, "Ok well how bout we spend an hour or two at the fair and then go out to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Then we'll both be happy." A BARTER is if you say, "We can spend all day to the fair BUT I get to go fishing all day tomorrow."
Him. So it's a compromise when you say it and it's a barter when I say it?
Me. Those were completely different!
Him. They were just worded differently. The first one was nice and the second one wasn't.
Me. Ok different example! Let's say there's a 2 miles between our houses. A COMPROMISE would be us both walking a mile and meeting in the middle. A BARTER would be me walking the 2 miles and then you giving me a present when I got to your house. 
Him. Or you walk it one day and I walk it the next.
Me. I don't think you would agree to walk the 2 miles, I think I'd have to do it.
Him. That's just cause you suck at bartering.
Me. That's why we should switch to compromising.

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