Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yarn and French Fries

Sorry for the long absence.

Every spare moment I have has been dedicated to knitting. I am a very slow knitter. Just as I am a very slow reader, runner, reactor, and calculator. The only things that I am actually really fast at are writing and test-taking. Just a little fun fact for you. Anyways, I would love to put pictures of all my knitting projects up on here but they're Christmas presents and therefore cannot be divulged. I hate that. I'm really bad about keeping secrets.

I have 5 projects done and have about 4 more to go. Scratch that- 5. Taylor just asked me to knit him socks. (Jessi- I'm going to knit you wristlets as a graduation present but they won't be done till after Christmas probably. But I got the yarn for them and you will LOVE the finished product. I hope.)

Other than that- things have been pretty boring. I am on a diet and have already lost 6 lbs since Thanksgiving. Hooray for me! Some people may ask, "Hey crazy person- why are you dieting during the holidays!?" To which I will reply either, "There's no time like the present" or "I'm a masochist." But the truth is that I was looking at my Life List (aka Bucket List) the other day, and "#52. Weigh my goal weight" was on there. Along with things such as the following:

#3. Visit all 50 states.
#34. Go see an Opera.
#37. Go on a boat ride through the deep South.
#57. Take a glass blowing class.

HOWEVER, I am broke and therefore cannot afford to do such life-changing events. So I'm making at least #52 happen right now. Because you gotta move forward. And you only live once.... probably.

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  1. Haha, I am so excited for my wrist warmers - you have NO IDEA!!!!!!!! I secretly love that you can't keep secrets because I am the same way! Love you! Hope your kicking butt and taking names at your job interview right now!