Thursday, March 18, 2010

This week, I flew a kite with two young boys. Well, not so much flew as launched and then chased after it when one of them dropped the string. And then tackled the younger one when he wouldn't stop grabbing the tail mid-launch. All in a days work.

I started another knitting project. It's going to be a little duckling for Easter. (Sidenote: I have no idea when Easter actually is so it might not be finished till next Easter.) Hopefully it'll look like this. But you never know. Gotta roll with the punches. Could end up looking like an Easter egg with a beak- which is cool too.

I bonded with this former monster. We understand each other better now. He's a lot like my boyfriend: fueled by attention and video games.

I tried out a new look for Saint Patty's Day.

So did my counterpart. By the way, I love this photo. It's like the comic and the straight man. And please excuse my honey's out of control facial hair. He's in the middle of Beardarino. It's a competition (which is MORE than enough to motivate him) to see who in our town can grow the best beard in so many months. The winner gets a belt buckle and their wife or girlfriend gets a plaque proclaiming them "The World's Most Patient and Understanding Partner." Not really on that second part.

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