Thursday, February 25, 2010

A place to put my rye.

When you've got nothing to do during the day except count down the days, weeks, and months till school starts again- you find little things to entertain yourself. And on the weekends, when you can't stand being in your apartment anymore but can't afford to do anything exciting- you go to estate sales with your boyfriend's mother. It was on a particularly ordinary Saturday morning in some strangers house that I found this:

...for four bucks. I immediately thought to myself, "Yes! That is what my life needs- a bread box! I could put bread in it! And paint it blue so that I may have another blue item in an overwhelmingly brown and white kitchen." And I promptly purchased it.

The next Wednesday, my quickly turning fanatic fisherman boyfriend needed some new weights (too many snags- teehee). So I decided I would go with him to the fishing store and we would stop by Home Depot to pick up paint for my new bread box. We arrived and he asked me what I needed and that's when it all went downhill. "Spray paint," I replied.
Him. "You can't use spray paint!"
Me. "Why not?"
Him. "Because it won't look good."
Me. "I spray painted my picture frames and those look fine."
Him. "Ya they look okay. But there's a better way to do it."
Me. "Ok well what's that?"
Him. "Well first you have to sand it down."
Me. "Ok let's get some paper."
Him. "My dad has some- just go over my parents house. And then you're gonna need some primer. I think you can get that mixed in with the paint. Then you have to stand in this line over here so that they can mix you a little can of dark blue paint. And you're gonna need paint brushes and a new knob for the box...."
Me. "Nevermind- let's go home."
Then I called him a fun-sucker and he felt bad.

Now I don't fault my overenthusiastic boyfriend. He is merely a perfectionist. Whereas I wanted to spend about five bucks and one or two hours to fix up my four dollar find.

The next day, while I was home alone and bored, I went to Michaels. I bought a stencil, some white paint, a new knob, and planned to use the spray paint I already had from my frames. It wasn't the right color but whatever. As long as I didn't BUY spray paint I figured my roommate/boyfriend/future-baby-maker couldn't get TOO disappointed in me. I spent a little more than five bucks but not much. The end result:

And my honeys reaction... *drumroll*

"I like your breadbox."

Woo! It may not sound like a lot- but that's high praise coming from a cynic.

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  1. I LOVE IT! It is way cuter in person though. These pictures don't even start to do it justice! :D