Saturday, April 17, 2010

September 5th, 2010

Small Hanging Jar Vase or Lantern, made from an antique Ball mason jar

Mori Lee 732 Halter Top ML-732

Set of 4 Blue Hanging Mason Jars bulk discount

vintage lace garter

Grandfather Oak Tree Wedding Invitations, You Print, Customized


  1. PS I like the blue cake best.

  2. Ya I do too. I think yellow bouquets and blue decorations.

  3. Blue mason jars + yellow flowers = cheap centerpieces

  4. i like the blue cake and the first one. there's something quite adorable and mad hatter-y about that first one. i absolutely love everything else. can i wear a pretty dress when i take pictures of you guys? i can't believe it's the first wedding i could potentially go to a wear a "go to a wedding dress" and i'm missing it :( i think i might bring a boy as a date too. i don't know who yet though... (ps i absolutely love the rest of the decorations)

  5. Colorful wedding. Very beautiful, I like!