Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Blank Canvas

I'd like to spin you a tale this evening. It begins, as so many stories do, with an impulse buy. A lovely mirror, 75% off....

I'm sorry. I really have no excuse. My brain went, "Ooo blue! Shiny! Sale! Dragons! Justin likes dragons...." Plus, when you're in a bizarre store of incense, wooden necklaces, and chubby Buddhas laughing at monkeys dancing on cymbals, this mirror looks completely normal. I realized this the second it entered my stark white apartment. Sidenote: Justin informed me that he likes medieval dragons only. "Only nerds like Chinese dragons." Duh. How did I not know that dragons not having legs and living on a different continent make them nerdy? I'm such a fool.

So anyway. It started with a mirror. And a where to put the mirror. Well Justin vetoed the living room (and I felt it was important for him to maintain that illusion of power), so I went with my domain. La cocina. The kitchen. Well the mirror was too small to take up the whole wall so that resulted in a project. And then another project. It's my process- leave me alone.

This is a bulletin board that I stole from my bedroom. Now I have a blank wall in my bedroom. Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices. Since I'm gonna paint the wood, I lined the cork. Please ignore the real estate magazine. It's a long story that amounts to very little. So there's the before picture...

...and the after. Purely ethereal.

Then I had to semi balance the mirror so I painted the edges of a white board blue and nailed it to the other side.

My kitchen is getting so crafty! I mean just look at this photo...

Bowl: painted by yours truly. I'm really into the color orange right now, can you tell? Breadbox: an exclusive Jac-refurbish. Salt and Pepper shakers: painted by Jess Mex. (btw Jessi that's my new nickname for you. Take it. Love it. Live it.)

Oranges inside of orange bowl.

It doesn't look so bad, if I do say so myself. Well, maybe if that funky lookin' mirror wasn't there...


  1. LOVe the mirror.

    I'm a big giant nerd who prefers chinese dragons to any other kind of dragons.

  2. I love your posts. Keep them coming lady! I also love my nickname. :DDD