Friday, September 18, 2009

Freckles and Coal.

1) I'm deciding if I need these.

Normally they wouldn't really be my style but my kitchen has cupboards about that brown color (*gag* pressed wood sucks) and I can't do anything about it. Yay for apartments. Anyways! Maybe these removable dots (strategically and sparsely placed) could make it a little more interesting. And homey. And less like paneled wall from a stuck-in-the-70s-Gramma house. I'm undecided. HELP!

2) I want these computers so bad! I want to look into maybe revamping the one I currently have to make it look like similar. Omgsh they're beautiful.

Please ignore the clarinet. Also, please don't try to prove that I played the clarinet for 6 months of my life. I will only deny it.

Scrabble pieces!!


3) Your attention please! Everyone who has a gutter, listen up! Buy one of these. It's a watering can hooked up to your gutter. Why water your plants with tap water when you could recycle rainwater? I would buy this if I could but I can't, because I'm a renter and therefore cursed.

4) Speaking of computers... oh wait, that was number 2. Speaking of gutters... check out this computer concept! You can offset the carbon footprint of your computer by signing up for a product called Little Green Genie . It calculates your computer usage by buying carbon credits from renewable energy sources. It only costs about $10 a year!

Or you can buy this future concept computer which has a plant that more than offsets your computer's carbon footprint. Groovy.

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