Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not just another day.

Today is Jessi's last day of work. (Boo. Hiss.) We finagled our way were blessed to share a cubicle for the majority of my working here. How awesome is that? I got to share a department at school and a cubicle at work with my best friend. But now she is leaving. I will now give the floor to my fellow curly-haired employee to explain her feelings about the situation...

Thank you Jessi, your words are an inspiration.

We were also cursed blessed to share a (very small) cubicle with this spitfire of a lady:

(Don't tell her- but she's one of my favorite people. She's spunky!)

And now here are some pictures from Jessi's goodbye "luncheon." Why do they call it a luncheon? Why not just a "lunch"? Where did this word come from? What does it want from us?

That's Julia and Michelle. Michelle reminds me of my sister and
I'm not entirely sure why. It's probably the hair...

Some of the guys at work. The middle one is Jeremy- he's also one
of my favorites. But don't tell ANYONE cause he's a boy and that's not allowed.
(some people are so silly....)

This is Ryan. He didn't go to Jessi's "luncheon." Bad Ryan.

I think when I leave my job, to avoid the speeches and the tears and the "luncheons," I'm gonna send them an anonymous tip saying that I have been eaten by Fluffy the shark and to please send my belongings and monetary donations to my grieving parents. Make checks payable to "Hates Goodbyes."

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  1. You are so cute. I will miss you like crazy. Work is going to suck with people I don't know. Love you dearest.