Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello darkness my old friend...

Today I will remember...
to stay positive.
to be productive.
to tell those that I love, that I love them.
(I love you, Brie, Gabe, Jessi, Mom, Dad, and Justin).
to be grateful for a new day- regardless of the weather.
to worry less, and breathe more.

In celebration of this day of remembrance, I bought soap. :)

Yummy, Pumpkin Pie soap.

And Peppermint and French Clay soap for oily skin.

And I can't wait for this yarn to arrive. I just want a hug from it.

I'm also dreaming of the mountains...

Where I hope my spirit will go when I die. I'll live in a hollow tree and hunt with the owls. Perch on the tallest branch and ponder the vastness of the forest, of the food chain, of the universe. Or I'll just sit and be. As a wisp of fog or a breath of fresh air.

My thoughts go out to you, David. I'm sorry for your loss.

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