Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Winter Hymnal

It is taking every ounce of willpower I have to sit in my seat and not spend money. It's particularly challenging when you have nothing to do at work and would much prefer to be in a little coffee/tea/espresso shop down the street than staring at a blinking cursor. Especially when the little tea shop has a lady like Christy working there, who is an ex-flowerchild and completely inspiring. Especially when it's raining outside and I'm so grateful for it, I could kiss the weatherman. Especially since I lost 4 pounds this week and I want to go celebrate by buying something waterproof. Or when I'm looking at things like these online:

Winter getaway in Yosemite, anyone? Rooms in the Tenaya Lodge
start at $99 bucks in January and February.

Zoh my gosh. A little piece of the cloud forest on my windowsill.

The epitome of beauty.

Excuse me, but why aren't you in my kitchen? I want to paint you blue. I don't think the average person appreciates how difficult it is to find chalkboards. But I do. So please come into my life!!

This tapestry is something that I am in the process of convincing myself to buy. Talk about bringing the woods to my home. I showed my counterpart/roomie/S.O./bear of a boyfriend this picture and told him I'll probably buy it for our living room. He said, "Well... I don't know. I don't really like the chair." And I said, "Good, cause it doesn't come with it."

Ok, I must preface this last picture by saying that my man and I were looking at funny welcome mats to put outside of our apartment. Mostly because of the stupid apartment complex stealing our identity by being ridiculous picky about what we can and cannot have on our patio. I mean, come on, no TRASH CANS!? Trash cans are SUPPOSED to go outside! Where am I supposed to store my plastic bottles and cans that I'm gonna sell back!? *exhale* .....But anyways. This was my favorite welcome mat.


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