Friday, October 2, 2009

Hocus pocus, you witchy woman.

I have never been so excited for Halloween! I never even liked Halloween before. People jumping out behind bushes and scaring you, ghost stories, blood splattered costumes- no thank you! But this year I hear myself thinking, "Maybe I'll be a Saw victim for Halloween. Or buy some paste-on gunshot wounds!"

Oooo... nasty...

But to be completely honest- the reason I'm so excited for Halloween is because maybe by that time it will be cold again! And rainy! And foggy! And I will be rid of this I-don't-even-want-to-wear-pants-because-it's-too-flipping-hot weather. Unfortunately, at this point, we're still hovering in the 70's around these parts. And I still resent my pants.

Anyways! There's a candy-store in my town and since I am a future diabetic, I figured I better enjoying 1000s of Jolly Ranchers, York Bars, and Caramel Chews while I still can. The store brought out Halloween supplies!! I was running around as happy as... well... a kid in a candy shop! Plus they were playing Monster Mash so I was doing the Mashed Potato. Here are some of the goodies I found:

Card I got for Erica! (Hope she doesn't read this.)

The real mystery with this fellow is if it is orange flavored AS WELL AS orange colored. Time will only tell.

Black and Orange Gummie Bears, anyone?

I would like to, at this time, make a small request of you. At your earliest convenience, you simply MUST go to and type in Monster Mash radio. Oh my goodness. Yakkity Yak, Love Potion No.9, Monster Gonzales, Splish Splash!? It takes me back to a time where... I was not alive yet.

I'm so excited to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox (ok, a little late) with my sister this weekend! We're gonna need everything orange, brown, warm, cold, tea, leaf, pie, and ghoul related. And I will now leave you with the following:



Now that is just pure awesomeness.


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  1. I've come to realize how much I love your influence on me. For example, I bought a flannel shirt. I get excited over earthy pottery, I've environmentally aware and -GASP- I am excited for fall. I found myself looking at fall decorations today - AND WANTING THEM. I almost bought pumpkin flavored smear for a pumpkin flavored bagel, but alas, I needed my dependable blueberry bagel and smear. haha. Smear. SMEAR SMEAR SMEAR. Sorry. Anyways...somethings will never change, but I love the parts of me that do :D:D.

    Wish my phone wasn't dead so I could send you a pic of my outfit: black and gray plaid tights, red dress, red and black flannel shirt, awesome gladiator like belt, and my hair is in messy pigtails.

    I am such a rock goddess who eats tomatoe sandwiches on potatoe pepper bagels.

    Miss you more than butter!