Monday, February 8, 2010

Early nights and late mornings.

Someday soon- possibly tonight- I will change my heading. I know it is still winter but recently it's been feeling like spring. Hence the lime green sweater I am wearing at the moment.

The Superbowl was yesterday. It's definitely a holiday around my apartment, so we treated it as such. I made Jalapeno Poppers (sorry- couldn't figure out how to html a tilde), BBQ Chicken Potato Skins, and homemade salsa. And by the time the game was over, I had headache and stomachache from eating too much "bad for me" food, so I crawled into bed around 8:30 with the intention of working on my knitting. But I promptly passed out instead.

And now, I am going to steal my sister's style and make a list.

Qualities of my dream home:
...In the middle of nowhere
...Solar panels
...A windmill
...A movie theatre
...A sauna
...A big garden where I can grow all my own vegetables
...A gardener to make sure I don't kill all my vegetables
...A porch and a porch swing
...Nice view with nobody in sight
...A lake with a dock
...A Newfoundland
...Sang, the sushi chef
...Bay window
...More storage than I know what to do with
...River rock flooring with radiant heat

BBQ Chicken Potato Skins Recipe

Baked Russet Potatoes
A rotisserie chicken
Bar-B-Que Sauce
Shredded mozzarella cheese

While the potatoes are baking, cut up the rotesserie chicken, discarding the skin and breaking the pieces into inch-long shreds. Take the baked potatoes and cut them in half, scoop out the middle of each half until you are left with the desired thickness. My boyfriend likes less potato so I usually only leave about a centimeter of potato. Save the left over potato for mashed potatoes or other goodies. Fill each skin with chicken, a tablespoon or so of BBQ sauce, and top with mozzarella. Bake at 425 degrees F for 10 minutes. Serve with ranch dipping sauce and extra BBQ sauce.

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  1. My ex boyfriends grandmother had river rock flooring and bamboo weave flooring in her house. It was so awesome. She also had a bathroom that she let the boys draw all over the walls when they were little kids and left it, so now twenty something years later their crayon creations are still all over the walls. She is officially the coolest grandmother I've met.