Monday, February 1, 2010

Picture this, if you will...

You're in a wonderful relationship and about to start getting your Master's degree. Then BAM! someone offers you an interview for a job six hours away. Now if this had happened eight months ago, it would've been perfect. But you had already settled on a decision to finish school and grew to really appreciate it. Look forward to it, even. Now let's consider the options.

A) You blow off the interview
B) You accept the interview and get the job
C) You accept the interview and don't get the job
D) You hide under the blankets and attempt to break the world record for the longest nap.

Here's how the options will play out.

Option A. You will feel bad for closing the door to a possible contact and like an overall lazy person who is scared to death of change.
Option B. You will have to have a seriously long talk with your boyfriend. Is it worth it for him to quit his job and move with you? Can he get a job down there? Do you even want to live down there? Would you prefer to live closer to your loved ones? Is the salary worth putting your Master's on hold? Pretty much Option B opens up a disgusting amount of Yes or No questions that I, I mean, you really don't want to answer.
Option C. Rejection sucks. One more "No, thank you" might plummet you into the pit of despair with no hopes of return. You won't want to go get your Master's. You won't want to work on your relationship. You won't want to go to work. And your world will fall apart. (Ok- maybe that's the worst case scenario).
Option D. Where's bad?


  1. Accept the interview and see what happens.

    Worry about everything else, later.

    And take a nap after the interview.

    Don't close any doors.

  2. Take the road with the most options.

    You have nothing to loose by going to an interview, especially if you have no intention of taking the job. If nothing else it's good to practice your interview technique.

    I wish I had done more informational interviews while I was finishing up my B.A. Look at this as an opportunity just to meet people and talk about your career ambiitions.

    Since you don't have any ambitions riding on this interview you should just take it as an opportunity to grow professionally.

  3. Listen to Chris, he is very wise.