Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm blogging! Holy jelly-filled-donut, Batman!

Hello Tuesday!

First of all, look ----> over there to find my birthday wish list. Thank you for your attention.

Today is productive and laborious. Woo for physical labor at work! I'm sure most don't appreciate lifting and pushing and getting down on their hands and knees. You know, moving a 2 inch thick file for every single road in the county from room 102 to 111. But I welcome anything that involves not staring at a computer skin and typing in excel. Usually to save my sanity I'll go for a walk downtown, because I happen to work a half a block from downtown. Unfortunately, this leads to me spending money. Maybe a yogurt, or a tea, or this guy...

...whom I love. Or the foundation I just overpaid for at Sephora. So anyways, physical labor is better than spending money in the case of my bank account. Speaking of which, today I applied for a job that I desperately want and today I read in this...

...little Fortune Telling: Book of Names book that "Jacqueline" somehow translates into "hard work paying off with significant financial gain." Which is totally gravy with me. Thank you Pottery Barn for your infinite wisdom.

Also! I thought I'd share a story about how my honey acts like a woman about certain things. You know how women like to let their boyfriend/husband/lover/sex-toy think that certain things were their idea? Well they do. And my boyfriend/future-husband/lover/... did that this morning. Here's how the conversation went...

Are you going to come down to Santa Maria today? Justin.
I was planning on it. Me.
Ok, good cause I have to wake up early.

So, anyways. What do you want to do today? Justin.
I don't know. I won't be down there till 6 or 7. Me.
Ok. Let's go to a nice dinner!
Well, if you insist.
The question is 'where?'
We could make reservations at Jocko's...
Ok! Give them a call!

This was his way of getting out of talking to a stranger on the phone. He's never this agreeable unless everything is working out exactly as he planned it.

And on that note- here is a closing image or a house that I want. Those blue tiles are solar panels. Now that's art. Kind, practical, green, lovely art.


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  1. Yay! You're my favorite blog. Soon to be blue blog.