Sunday, November 1, 2009

The First of November.

Yesterday was Halloween. It was a fun night. We went to a bar that only serves beer and food. As in, we actually SAT. At a TABLE! I'm sure it was a total 180 from everyone else out and about downtown. See- we have this thing against lines to get into bars. And then lines to get on the dance floor. And then lines to get a drink. It's not like we're at Disneyland, people. Anyways, these are my people as of late:

I am definitely one of the guys. Sometimes it's great- sometimes not. They're all good boys with hearts of gold. And I happen to be madly in love with the one dressed as a Scot (don't tell him that though- he's got a big head already). But they ARE boys. Thus they don't really want to talk about cooking/yarn/menstruating/babies/blogging/knitting/cakes.


This is how I cope:

Whole Wheat Pumpkin-Banana Bread.

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. We miss you too!

    Although I'm not talking about babies.