Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If my heart was a house, you'd be home.

Today's Etsy Find of the Day

Before I begin my ranting and raving, I thought I would update you on my November goals since it's been a couple days.

Here are my November goals:
...Wake up at 6:00am every weekday (to ensure that I get all these things done)
........... I have since decided that this is a stupid goal. I don't work till 8:30 on MWF and not till 3:00pm on TR. So I am amending the goal to say 7:00-7:30.

...Start health-ifying my body
........... New diet is going well. No dairy and less sugar. Need to exercise more though. I just have this horrible hatred towards sweat and being out of breath and I'm having problems getting past that. :-P

...Rock my interview on the 13th
........... Everyday that passes I get more and more nervous.

...Learn to be patient with my love
........... Still working on this. I wish I didn't babysit two rambunctious boys twice a week, they're zapping all my patience.

...Kiss more
........... Work in progress.

...Knit more- gotta finish Christmas presents!
........... I finished one! I can't post a picture though- just in case.

...Jump start my thesis
........... I'm rolling around a very promising idea in my head. Meeting with my adviser today.

...Make more memories with my man
........... Dropkick Murphy's this weekend!

In other news! I got the greatest Christmas present for my sister-in-dating (bf's sister. Get it? Cause we're not married... if you don't get it then I can't explain it to you). Check this guy out:

Bahaha! He's a little coin purse! So cute/fugly. I love Christmas shopping.

Also, in other news. I cannot stop listening to the Owl City album. Great beat, great lyrics.
"If my heart was a house, you'd be home." It's sweet. We need more sweet in this world. Plus indie is my favorite genre in the fall/winter time. Then rock n' roll in the spring and country in the summer. It's the cycle of life and it is what it is. Just let it be.

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